There are many uses for a Professional Voiceover in business and corporations. Training videos always need an voice of authority. Power point presentations can be voiced and made to a final HD video for easy play when needed in board rooms, HR new-hire videos, business courses, etc. The following are just some reasons to use a voice artist for corporate, large and small businesses: Training videos, eLearning courses, HR requirements, YouTube business videos, testing, how-to videos, product introductions… just to name a few.

Corporate voiceovers can be as long or as short as you need them. I can take a Power Point and make it into a final HD video with voice and music if needed. I can voice over a already made video, say for a HR introduction or a training video for your departments. Even if it is just for a small greeting video for your brand for YouTube, Facebook, or your lobby. It is important that the right message and information is in the videos so the viewer can get the most from your video.